Marketing is a crucial part of any business. In the competitive world in which companies fight for their share, it is those that use marketing effectively that thrive. When facing a financial crisis, it is often marketing that is subject to cuts in spending, not only in terms of the marketing expenditure but also marketing staff. This can result in a small marketing team working reactively as they are under resourced - or no marketing team at all. 
Some companies choose to dabble in marketing, having non-marketing staff run ad hoc campaigns with little or no strategy. Others may have a junior marketing team but lack the strategic guidance of a marketing director. Some may have no marketing activity at all. Whatever circumstances a company finds themselves in, outsourcing marketing, fully or partially, has numerous benefits. 
Here we discuss some of the reasons that you should consider outsourcing your marketing. 

Strategic Planning 

To be most effective, marketing requires a thorough plan. Each and every component of the marketing plan should be instrumental in achieving the goals of the company. The marketing plan works hand-in-hand with the organisation's business strategy. The individuals responsible for formulating the marketing strategy are typically marketing directors. 
Every businessperson knows that marketing is essential. Although most companies partake in some marketing, the reasoning behind it is not always clear. There is often a scattergun approach to marketing tactics with little correlation between the activity and the organisation's goals. 
Organisations that are successful in their marketing efforts have a clear focus and direction. By outsourcing your marketing, you have access to the expertise that will take your business to the next level. Effective strategic marketing requires a certain set of skills. When you outsource your marketing to a marketing director you can be certain that you will see a positive return on your investment. 

Time to focus on other areas of your business 

A small business owner who burdens themself with marketing in addition to all other tasks will find themselves spread too thin. 
There is a saying: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Outsourcing your marketing to a marketing expert will leave you to focus your attention where your business needs you most. 
Handling their own marketing is a common mistake that many small business owners and entrepreneurs make. You wouldn’t do your own accounts, so why would you do your own marketing? Both are an essential part of running a successful business and both require specialist attention. The last thing a business needs is marketing being pushed down the priority list simply because there isn’t enough time to dedicate to it. 

Reduces overhead expenses 

A company in need of a new skills injection may find themselves putting it off because they can’t justify the cost. The expense of hiring marketing personnel goes beyond their salary. If a business is working on a tight marketing budget, the ongoing budget that a new team member demands is not always feasible. 
The great news is that by outsourcing to a part-time marketing consultant, you have the benefits of a marketing expert with an affordable fee. 

Decreases staff load 

An additional pair of hands is always welcome in a busy organisation. Team members all too frequently become burnt out or start seeking another role if too much is expected of them. Having an extra member of the team can alleviate some of the pressure on a busy marketing team striving for results. 
Outsourcing your marketing will soon feel like you have extended your team. Whether you hire a part-time marketing director to assist in strategic planning or a marketing manager to implement, your team will thank you. 

An objective point of view 

It is very easy to get stuck in a marketing rut, doing the same things that have always been done without questioning. 
An outside marketing consultant will see your business objectively. By outsourcing marketing, you are welcoming a professional to identify improvements that you may be too close to see. In addition, they will have gained insights that can aid your organisation in reaching its goals. 

Increase and scale back when necessary 

Seasonal operation is common in many organisations. There may be periods when you have several marketing campaigns running and others where it is scaled back. Employing a team in these circumstances can be frustrating to both parties. 
Outsourcing marketing is an excellent solution, it allows you the flexibility and freedom to increase activity and scale back when necessary without the concern of keeping a team ticking over. 

Stay ahead of competitors 

Many companies have scaled back their marketing efforts in recent times due to the global crisis, which makes now the perfect time to outsource marketing. Standing out is essential. 
Don’t get left behind. Investing in your company image and how you reach prospects is a wise way to spend. A part-time marketing director will put you on a par with larger organisations who benefit from their strategic expertise. 

Access to new marketing channels 

Despite the plethora of marketing channels at your disposal, there are still new ways to reach your audience emerging all the time. A marketing consultant makes it their business to keep up to date with the fast-paced world of marketing. 
By outsourcing your marketing, you will be benefiting from the most up to date methods to target your prospects. 

Achieve a good ROI 

Ultimately marketing is a tool to increase profits. It can be an expensive game which is why seeing results from your investment is crucial. Outsourcing marketing will see an improved ROI. By keeping overheads low and investing in marketing experts, you are guaranteed to see a positive outcome. 
Would you like to find out more about outsourcing your marketing? As a part-time marketing director in the North West, I’ve worked with many organisations to assist them in the strategic planning of their marketing and am proud of the exceptional results we’ve achieved. To arrange a chat and find out how outsourcing your marketing will help you, get it touch today. 
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